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Why Colombia?

Colombia and especially the city of Bogotá offer best opportunities for your business activities and trade fair participation. The following facts will help you finding out the reasons why.

Key facts about Colombia:
  • Colombia is the fourth largest economy in Central and South America.
  • Colombia offers a geographically preferred location as the trade-hub to the Andean region and as a bridge between Central and South America.
  • The country’s location allows strategically strategic access to the to the entire Latin American as well as the Caribbean market.
  • As part of the Pacific Alliance, Colombia is your gateway to the markets of México, Perú and Chile.
  • Colombia facilitates market access through several free trade agreements e.g. with the European Union, the USA and South Korea.
  • Coming along with the free trade agreements the depletion of tariffs and other trade restrictions significantly lowers market entry costs for international companies into this dynamic and booming market.

Bogotá as a destination

Bogotá - trade fair city and industrial location

Bogota is the economic engine of the country and a crucial player in Latin America‘s economy. 25% of the Colombian GDP is generated here. Bogotá is also recognized for having one of the best business environments in Latin America.
Bogota’s central location and direct air connections make it an ideal location to serve the local and regional markets. The city is the major cargo air hub and the third largest passenger transport hub in Latin America.
Bogotá as a special economic zone with tax and customs benefits for foreign investors offers further sector-specific tax reductions: The entire trade fairground of Corferias in Bogotá is a tax free zone for the import of products declared "exhibition goods" that are not sold on the trade fair.
Bogotá is the capital and the largest city in Colombia. A lot of people from all over the country is diverse and multicultural, with a mix of colonial and modern architecture. The predominant colors in Bogotá are the green of the city·s numerous parks and the eastern mountains overlooking the sanctuaries of Monserrate and Guadalupe and the rich red color of the many brick buildings.

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